I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the awards as vid maker or vid viewer. It has been wonderful looking at all the amazing vids that Scapers do and finding those gems that I would have normally missed.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest by the fandom, it is unlikely there will be a 2009 Awards. There were about 5 people who did 95% of the nominations - there were only 102 nominations in 2008 - and I had to do a lot of begging to get it so that most of the categories had at least 3 nominations. And there were only about 20 people who voted.

As much as I love doing the awards because it helps provide exposure to vids to Scapers who might not normally view vids, I hate to feel like I'm shoving them down people's throats - which is exactly what it felt like in 2008.

For now the plan is not to do 2009 awards, but that might change if interest changes. Again thanks to all the vid makers and viewers who have made the Farscape fandom special.

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Voting is from 21st January 2009, 19:00 to 11th February 2009, 02:00.

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